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Free shipping $99+ Code "FIRST" 15% off first order! Some exceptions apply.

Three Kings Quick Light Charcoal - 33mm (Small)

Three Kings Quick-Lighting Hookah Coals are an internationally recognized brand of quick-lighting hookah charcoals made in Holland. Like other quick-lighting coals, Three Kings coals are available in a 33mm or 40mm size and come in the standard "disc" shape. Along with other fast-lighting hookah coals, these coals are perfect when taking your hookah around with you, as they light up easily in seconds with only a small flame.
-This Three Kings charcoal comes in a box of ten 33mm rolls with 10 pieces totaling 100 pieces.
-These are Quick Light shisha coals for hookah pipes that can be lit with a torch lighter or open flame.
-Three Kings supplies your hookahs with 25-35 minutes of burn time per coal.
-Three Kings manufactures their instant lighting charcoal product in Holland.