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Free shipping $99+ Code "FIRST" 15% off first order! Some exceptions apply.

Robert Mickelsen - Zanfirico Xhalecycler- Tangie/Cranberry Twisty/Rainbow

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The Zanfirico Xhalecycler! 
These pieces have the ability to exhale through the mouthpiece and out exhale ports connected to the exhale chamber. Controlled by a check valve which prevents the exhale passing back through the joint. A second set of valves prevents air from entering through the exhale ports when inhaling! Xhalecyclers also recycle! All Xhale pieces include a sample bottle of Piece Water to reduce buildup and stop valves from sticking with use.


Colors: Orange Tangie/Cranberry Twisty/Rainbow

Height: 10" 

Joint: 14F

Single Uptake Recycler

Features Zanfirico Sections in Concert with a Constrasting Transparent Color!

 Comes with matching bubble cap and hard case! Features the iconic "X" decal!