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Free Shipping on orders $99+, use code "FIRST" for 15% off your first order! Some exceptions apply.
Free shipping $99+ Code "FIRST" 15% off first order! Some exceptions apply.

Octave x Mothership Glass - Terp Timer


• Laser sight helps you position the 3.5″-tall unit’s angled sensor for accurate readings 4-8 inches from your banger

• Limited Edition ‘Chrome Sapphire’ Electroplated Aerospace Alloy Finish

• Never miss your ideal temp as the Terp Timer’s LCD glows green when your preset choice is reached, accompanied by an optional chime

• A 1000mAh Lithium-Ion battery keeps the unit functioning 2-3 months per charge so your always ready for a session

 Notifies you when you reach your preset temp

 The Mothership Mandala magnetic base lets you stick your Terp Timer wherever you choose.