VB Eleven Vape Pen


  • Includes:
  • Battery – 650mAh USB Pass Thru
  • Heater – Ti & Ceramic Core
  • Cone – with additional vent hole
  • Mouthpiece – Chrome metal
  • Pick Tool
  • Silicone Storage Container
  • 3′ Mini USB Cord 
  • *Roomy Zipper Case 
  • *Detailed Instructions and Vaporbrothers 90 Day Warranty

Product Description


Airflow is greatly improved with an additional intake hole.

This is where VB Eleven shines! An additional hole gives you the ability to inhale naturally and get larger and better mixed draws of vapor. After years of drilling these holes in our own pens and in limited runs we are now making this feature standard to all models.

Every pen is fully charged and tested.

We use a tried and tested manufacturer, but the only way we can guarantee quality is to fully charge and test every unit ourselves. We’re the only company we know does this. With no pre-charging needed, your pen will be ready for use straight out of the box.

Wickless Ceramic Core Heaters are better in the long term.

We are loving wickless ceramic cores! They undoubtedly taste better over time. To improve their efficiency, we use a larger diameter and hollowed out core. The increase in surface area helps draw the oils in to the coil and helps prevent blackening or burning. Get ready for a longer lifespan and cleaner taste in the long run.

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