Sahara Smoke 24″ Hookah


24 inches tall

Assorted Colors Available

Product Description

You’ll never have trouble with your Sahara Smoke Hookah! At 24 inches tall the hookah features the well-known and eye-catching “Nar” helix-like metal stem and a glass base etched with bubbly patterns.

The included ultra-wide synthetic leather hookah hose measures around 66 inches in length and features a wooden handle with a metal mouth tip. The bowl is a matching Vortex Hookah Bowl for the smoothest and tastiest smoke sessions you can imagine.

This hookah can also be converted to a 2, 3, or 4 hose hookah with the use of Sahara Smoke Hose Adapters (sold separately).

Each Sahara Smoke Hookah comes with a specially-designed carrying bag that features a separate side pouch for the tray, tongs, downstem, and other small accessories as well as an inner zipper pouch for the hookah bowl.

Assorted Colors Available


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