Rotating Hookah (Single Hose)


Standing at approxl 26 inches tall, our highly-portable sinlge hose hookah . Has a 360′ rotating base, included Cobra Hose, clay bowl, metal tongs, necessary grommets, and even a cleaning brush.

Product Description

Comets – the most mobile of celestial bodies as they streak through the heavens, are the namesake for this captivating, breathtaking, and rotating hookah. The ancients revered the majesty of comets, calibrated calenders by their dependability, and honored their individuality by naming each one. Now you can enjoy the majesty, dependability, and individuality of your very own Comet hookah! Just as comets steal the show whenever they appear in the night sky, our Comet will draw “Oohs!'” and “Aahs!” as it conveniently spins a full 360 degrees, following you as you move around it or pass the hoses to your friends. With their swiveling base, our Rotator hookahs dramatically reduce interruptions to your smoking session to unwind the hose from the base.

Standing a full 26 inches tall, our highly-portable Comet sinlge hose hookah will follow you to the ends of the galaxy. We let you choose the base color and type of hookah hose! The Comet hookah will sail to you ready-to-smoke out of the box, with the included clay bowl, metal tongs, necessary grommets, and even a cleaning brush.


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