Easy Vape Digital Vaporizer


This hands free vaporizer employs an effective glass ceramic heating element that has surpassed all previous box style direct inhalation systems. This is a nice glass-on-glass herbal vaporizer.

The Easy Vape contains a digital thermostat control for optimal performance and temperature control. Ground Glass Technology (GGT) allows the vapor whip to rest on the unit allowing a hands free vaporizer experience.

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Product Description

  • Nothing actually burns. easy vape is a digital vaporizer which means that the herb is heated until is vaporized.
  • Protect your lungs from harmful carcinogenic smoke and use this digital vaporizer.
  • Fewer herbs for the same effect. the easy vape will vaporize your herbs and will obtain the purist form of the active ingredients/chemicals
  • Obtain 5 – 8 draws from your herb vs 1 – 3 when smoking.  Vaporizing your herbs with easy vape digital is a lot more efficient than smoking. When smoking, a majority of active ingredients are lost after the first hit as the flame will ignite and literally burn product away.
  • Easy Vape Digital vaporizer offers 80%-96% pure active ingredients vs 40%-45% when burned!
  • The vaporization with this digital vaporizer is odorless and smokeless. Since no combustion occurs, the strong odor and smoke left behind from smoking is non-existent. A light, misty odor appears then quickly dissipates.
  • Highly recommended by medical doctors the use of digital vaporizers rather than bongs for people who ingest herbs for holistic or medical purposes.
  • The classic burned of charred aftertaste is a thing of the past with Easy Vape Digital vaporizer.
  • Easy Vape Digital vaporizer is perfect for discreet use in small spaces, shared rooms or unventilated areas. Vaporize all you want without the smell alerting others or getting on your clothes.


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